Nfl rules on dating cheerleaders

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According to ’s analysis of multiple NFL teams’ cheerleader handbooks, including the Saints’s, “if a Saints cheerleader enters a restaurant and a player is already there, she must leave.

If a cheerleader is in a restaurant and a player arrives afterward, she must leave.” The San Francisco 49ers ban cheerleaders not just from dating players but “any social interaction with or dating 49ers players, other NFL players, or 49ers employees above and beyond cordial, polite, professional interaction.

The latest of these sad reminders comes courtesy of Bailey Davis, a former New Orleans Saints cheerleader who told she was fired this past January after posting a photo of herself on her private Instagram in a lacy bodysuit.

The Saints allege Davis broke the team’s social media rules, which ban cheerleaders from sharing photos of themselves “nude, seminude, or in lingerie,” according to the —nevermind that the Saintsations’s game-day outfits are basically bikinis themselves, or that the cheerleaders suit up in actual bikinis for the annual team calendar shoot.

Body piercings and tattoos must be removed or covered.This includes texting, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, et cetera.” The Saints ask that cheerleaders keep their Instagram accounts private and block any NFL player—any of the nearly 2,000 in existence—who starts following them, even if the player is using a pseudonym (which apparently many do).According to the The stated intent of some of these parochial rules is to protect cheerleaders from stalkers or unwanted sexual attention from players—but teams seem to think the burden of that responsibility should fall squarely on the squads, and not be shared whatsoever with the men who might be issuing that attention. I can’t think of another arena where employers exert this level of control, even when they are not at work.”Further, Davis’s case is a reminder that NFL teams have a history of failing to share their vast, multi-billion dollar revenues with the female athletes who often attend every game, sell calendars in the parking lot, and are required to go to promotional events like golf outings. Cheerleading squads at the Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have also won pay settlements in recent years.Cheerleaders must pay if they bring the wrong pompoms to practice, or their boots are not polished on game day.If they forgot all or part of their uniform on game day, they could be docked an entire day’s pay.

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