Nfl rules on dating cheerleaders

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(Men have worked as acrobats and baton twirlers on N. It happens every few years, with the breaking of a splashy story or the filing of a lawsuit: The NFL’s estimated 150 million fans are reminded that many pro football teams treat their cheerleaders like garbage, from appalling, oppressive conditions, like regular weigh-ins, “jiggle tests,” and overbearing social media rules, to the teams raking in billion hardly paying the women on the sidelines minimum wage.Cheerleaders for the Carolina Panthers, known as the Top Cats, must arrive at the stadium on game days at least five hours before kickoff.

No, seriously we are asking what you think about this.Cheerleaders must pay if they bring the wrong pompoms to practice, or their boots are not polished on game day.If they forgot all or part of their uniform on game day, they could be docked an entire day’s pay.Cheerleaders must sell raffle tickets and calendars and appear at charity events and golf tournaments, yet they receive none of the proceeds.Cheerleader handbooks, seven of which have been reviewed by The New York Times, include personal hygiene tips, like shaving techniques and the proper use of tampons.

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