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I looked it up on gm parts direct and they where actaully a little cheaper.

I can look for the receipt and get you a part number.

After he gets a reduced engine power warning, the gas pedal does absolutely nothing.

On the advice of a mechanic he replaced the computer, it still did it after that.

if you have any questions email me and I will email you my phone # if you want.after reading both problems just thought i would pass along this info.found this bulletin.#1869994might want to check this also.

A vehicle may be brought into the dealer for a reduced power message, and DTCs P0120, P0220, P1516, P2101, or P2135.

The cold weather is pretty hard on our cars but problems usually don't occur until it gets to about -25 below.The ses light goes off usually by end of the day ( or after few hours ). all three dealers told me that was not my problem, and if it is changed you need the tech 2 to recalibrate it.When scanned by chevy tech showing code P1516 Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) Module Throttle Actuator Position Performance. You do not need anything to calibrate it it just plug and play takes about 5 minutes.I'm new to this forum so if I'm not doing this correctly I appologize.My husbands 2003 chevy silverado is doing the same thing.

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