Naked 20 year women

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Michelle Pfeiffer, 50, stars as the ultimate cougar courtesan in the soon-to-be released film Cheri.

Courtney Cox, 44, is also starring in a new sitcom, appropriately entitled, Cougartown.

I'm talking about 70 year old men looking at ordinary, regular porn that 20 year old men all look at, and it being considered creepy when the 70 year olds do it and not creepy when the 20 year olds do it.

After breaking up with my girlfriend a few months ago and being single, I was pretty sure I was going to spend the new year all alone, but I guess the new year had different plans for me, as I hooked up with a beautiful teen slut I met on a New Year’s Eve party!

Teen girls who are eighteen are the freshest, most innocent and eager to please and fuck.

They enjoy their new found freedom to earn cash and have fun while starring in adult films.

Women wanted to buy her glasses and turn their dos in her French twist.

Just whose sexy toned biceps have been talked about even more than the new bank rescue plan? Who's got the best legs in America and happens to be our nations' most eligible bachelorette? And honestly, do we really care about the trials and tribulations of Lauren Conrad or Paris Hilton's lovelives the way we care about Jen's? Right is right up there as a far more enduring national obsession than, say, deploring the Octomom.

Need more evidence that Age has gone the way of the dinosaur?

Call them cougars or call them MILFS, just don't call them over. The two Kabbalists are the envy of younger women everywhere.

Demi, for her sexy, un-plastic-surgery-looking looks and devoted 15 years-younger, GORGEOUS husband, Ashton Kutcher, 31, who Twittered this shot of her over the weekend, and Madonna for her rock hard body and years younger lovers, A-Rod, 33, and Jesus Luz, 22.

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