Mile high dating

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Online dating isn’t like writing a love letter and dropping it in the mailbox, but that can be easy to forget.

We put our hopes into each missive that gets hurled into cyberspace and feel rejected when there’s no response.

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About 40 percent of Americans use online and/or mobile dating to meet potential mates.(That’s why Bumble leaves it up to women to make contact.) Reason #3: Why ARE profiles so inaccurate?Yes, there are a certain amount of people posting photos when they were 50 pounds lighter or 30 years younger, but incongruent profiles aren’t just appearance.We extol the virtues of a dating style where we can find others with the same quirks and kinks at the click of a button. We’re standing in the grocery line assessing twenty profiles in under a minute (or, let’s be honest, we’re judging their looks).Then we complain about how inaccurate profiles are when meeting a potential connection in real life. Reason #1: The sheer amount of possibilities inundates us and quickly becomes addictive. Even in the great age of bar hopping for hook-ups, the quantity of possibilities never reached this crescendo.

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