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None of my Javascripts are working on Internet Explorer on any of the websites that I go to. Whenever I click search, nothing comes up on the search panel.

Also, when I click on Search, nothing shows up on the left side of the screen. I have not changed any of my setting in IE, but it will not run any pages with Javascript such as games, selection bars, etc.

* This widget guarantees that no "ghost" property change is thrown !

* @author Jean-Marc Astesana * License : GPL v3 */ public class Cool JText Field extends JText Field { private static final long serial Version UID = 1L; public static final String TEXT_PROPERTY = "text"; public Cool JText Field() public Cool JText Field(int nb Columns) @Suppress Warnings("serial") private class My Document extends Plain Document method is what triggers the property change from what I can see and without the formatter, this is triggered by default on a focus change or when the enter key is pressed. Create a default formatter ( I am brand new to Window Builder, and, in fact, just getting back into Java after a few years, but I implemented "something", then thought I'd look it up and came across this thread.

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I think all you've done is an unnecessary assignment.

I'm in the middle of testing this, so, based on being new to all this, I'm sure I must be missing something.

Here's what I did, where "run Txt" is a textbox and "run Name" is a data member of the class: Seems a lot simpler than what's here so far, and seems to be working, but, since I'm in the middle of writing this, I'd appreciate hearing of any overlooked gotchas.

I installed the latest Java plugin, but it is still the same.

I even tried to like Carey Holzman suggested and install J2SE v 1.3.1_12 but that didn't help.

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