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So when your partner says "jag orkar inte" in the bedroom, it means they'd rather catch up on sleep.This is of course fair enough, but if it starts happening regularly, it could mean you're on the road to splitting up (separera) or skilsmässa (that divorce we mentioned earlier) and having to start all over again with that first awkward fika.As you probably know, fika is a Swedish word for a coffee and cake break.You can have a fika with a friend, a relative or a colleague.Not the most difficult word to translate from English, but worth a mention as Sweden has been dubbed the STI capital of Europe.It's difficult to imagine organized Swedes running out of condoms, but sexually-active Swedes are more likely than other Europeans to seek treatment for diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea.As well as finding out whether or not they're married (gift), consider also investigating if they are a mambo – the word for someone who lives at home with their mother.

A chilling statistic: A recent study by Altimeter Group found that 70% of businesses think that social media could meet business objectives but only 43% had a solid strategy on how this could be accomplished.

The name for Sweden's state-run alcohol store empire.

It shuts at 7pm on weekdays in big cities and at 3pm on Saturdays. Swedes can be shy and socially awkward, so if you're staying in rather than going out with your new lover, you might also want to stock up on some wine ahead of the weekend.

The first half of the word is considered slightly offensive, so best avoid using this one in front of your future in-laws (svärföräldrar).

This is a very common verb in Swedish meaning 'to have the energy'.

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