Mail app updating offline disk cache

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Type "outlook/cleanprofile." This will finish cleaning the cache and open Outlook.

inside that, then select the folder with the email you want to look at, then one folder down you'll see two folders, "Mail" and "People".

To see all the text of a specific message, click See More. Beginning with Mail in OS X Yosemite and i OS 9.2, you can send large files (up to 5 GB per message), such as videos, presentations, and folders of images, without having to worry about your email provider’s limitations on file size. It works with any email service, as long as you're using Mail and signed in to i Cloud on your device.

Mail Drop automatically uploads large attachments to i Cloud.

Navigate to the "Delete the ".dat" file to clear the "Microsoft Outlook Data" file. Delete the ".nk2" file to clear the "Nickname Cache" file. Delete all or some of these files to clear the cache in Outlook.

Delete the ".oab" file to clear the offline address book. Do not delete the ".pst" file; this is your Personal Folder File that Outlook uses to open your inbox and all of your personal folders, such as your calendar items and signature settings.

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Search for a Mail topic you want more information about, or search for a Mail menu item you're looking for.

If you're not ready to send your message, close its window or select another message.

Mail keeps your unfinished messages in the Drafts mailbox.

You can also enter names or terms related to the message you're looking for.

Select a search token such as People or Subject to search just that field in Mail.

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