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An ancient book describing the date-wise chronology of all the kings of Hastinapur (Indraprasth or Delhi) from Yudhishthir up to Vikramaditya was found by the proprietors of the fortnightly magazine of Nathdwara (Rajasthan) called Harishchandra Chandrika and Mohan Chandrika in about 1872 AD.

Starting from the so- called Aryan invasion into Bharat injected with concocted theories by britishers with no substantial proof or dating, the current Bharatiya chronology starts from the compilation of the Rigved in 1200 B. In the meantime, the Brahmanas, Samhi- tas, Puranas, etc. From 1950 I deducted 29.45 years to get the year 1920 when the Saturn was again in Purva. This is a fixed point according to the modern Scientific Calendar. As far as the planets like Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter are con- cerned 50 days are immaterial because in 50 days the Saturn will move only 1.6 deg. C., then come other Ved’s, Mahaveer Jain is born, then Gautam Buddha lives around 585 B. are written and the thought contained therein is well-absorbed among the Hindu minds. Some say that the Ramayan follows Mahabharat and some opine otherwise. Sanskrit epics were academically attacked occasion- ally – an attempt to disprove the authenticity of the annals noted therein. In this way I prepared a vertical column of the years when the Saturn was in Purva. He was on the arrow-bed for 58 nights and he had fought for ten days. In all this anarchy of Indian histography, the date of the Mahabharat ranges between 1000 B. For example, the European Indologiest Maxmuller, tried the interpret the astronomical evidences to prove that the observations recorded in the Hindu scriptures are imaginary, probably because it did not match the prevalent views of primitive European historians! Similarly, I prepared vertical columns of the years when the Jupiter was in Shravan and Rahu in Uttara Ashadha. when all the three great planets were at the required places. Hence 68 days earlier than 22nd December the War had started. We have to calculate the plane- tary positions of 16th October 5561 B. Encyclopedia of Astronomy by Larousse states that one rotation of Saturn takes 26 years and 166 days. This may prove to be a break-through in deciding the chronology of the events in the history of Bharat and the World. The Greek Ambassodor Magasthenis has recorded that 138 generations have passed between Krishna and Chandragupta Maurya.

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