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Among Republican students, conversely, only 42 percent said they would let politics impact their dating choices, and a mere 12 percent indicated that it would impact their friendships.[RELATED: Students accused of ‘hatred’ for defending traditional marriage]The survey, which garnered 498 responses, examines the political and free speech climate on campus following Dartmouth's recent demotion from a “yellow light” to a “red light” rating by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), signaling that the college “clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech.”Aiming to determine how much one’s political beliefs impact relationships, the survey asked who has “ever lost a friend at Dartmouth because of disagreement over politics,” and found that 15 percent of students have experienced the loss of a friendship due to political differences.That number rises steadily the longer a student has been at Dartmouth, however, with 24 percent of seniors reporting the loss of at least one friend to a political disagreement, compared to just seven percent of freshmen.[RELATED: Students ‘deeply hurt’ by criticism of liberal intolerance]The results of other survey questions offer additional insights into the situation, indicating that left-leaning students are the primary cause of those broken relationships.Your significant other doesn’t need to agree with you on everything, but he or she should support your choices and respect your opinions. Political viewpoints often reflect a person’s core values and upbringing, so singles with liberal stances tend to relate best with date prospects on the left side of the aisle.

That’s what you get for straying from the approved (i.e. All might be fair in love and war, but too much political warfare ruins dating.

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