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In 1989, he won a Grammy for Best Male Vocalist for the album , released in 1992, was his first album recorded in California, rather than Nashville where he was failing to live up to his country star expectations.

He won a second Grammy for his 1993 duet with Al Green, After Lovett relocated to Los Angeles, he began to make inroads into several other aspects of the entertainment business, including producing albums, making guest appearances and appearing in Robert Altman's critically acclaimed films, , which debuted at No. The album featured an upbeat Texas feel with elements of bossa nova, Cajun and honky-tonk, and was hailed by critics as his most accessible album todate.

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He continued to experiment in jazz, folk and pop within the country framework.

In 1975, after graduating from high school a semester early, Lovett enrolled at Texas A&M University.

He graduated seven years later with degrees in both German and Journalism.

He continued to experiment in jazz, folk and pop within the country framework and he has won several Grammy Awards since his first in 1989 for Lyle Lovett was born Lyle Pearce Lovett on November 1, 1957, in Klein, Texas.

The only child of Bernell and Bill Lovett, Lyle grew up on his family's horse ranch in Klein, Texas, a small Houston suburb named after his grandfather.

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