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I could go on about all the fantastic attributes the film possesses, especially as so many people seemed to miss its mischievous sense of tongue-in-cheek humour, but the reason it deserves a place on this list is that it allowed Karl Urban his first heroic Hollywood leading role.

As the beautifully named John “Reaper” Grimm, he more than adequately held his own against charisma planet Dwayne Johnson, while proving a dab hand at the dry humour that he was later to excel at in Star Trek.

Urban finds himself playing a more light-hearted character than usual, taking on the role of chain smoking comedy wise ass, Munder, though such is the archetype that you can almost smell the death surrounding his fate as soon as he opens his mouth.

Still, where Ghost Ship deserves real credit is in its novel structuring – all the characters are likeable, no one actually deserves to die and time is spent building up their characters, rather than resorting to the ‘two lines and dead’ template.

After helming remakes/reboots of three fan-coveted properties with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th and Conan The Barbarian, it’s safe to say he's become a persona non grata in geek circles.

I’ve never quite understood why people were so opposed to seeing Riddick thrown into a galactic conflict, rather than restricting him to fighting monsters in the dark, as there’s plenty of invention and nastiness in Chronicles without having to fall back on horror clichés.

Supremacy’s power comes from the core emotion driving the plot, which sees Bourne out on a mission of revenge after his beloved is mistakenly killed by Karl’s villainous assassin, Kirill.

It’s always great to have an action hero face off against an evil adversary of equal skill, and it’s a credit to Urban’s performance that he brings such immediate threat and menace into the life of a man we know to be an unstoppable force of nature, especially when he has very few lines of dialogue.

Doom might not have made much at the box office, but it’s been instrumental in setting Urban on the path of action hero that has led to our beloved Dredd and now the rather fine Almost Human.

“Twig” Alas, poor Marcus Nispel hasn’t had much love for his directorial output to date.

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