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Even after Booth's death, when he became a hated figure in the North, there were still many women who held flames for him, including actress Maggie Mitchell.

The New Yorker, one of the most successful actresses of her age, held on to a lock of Booth's hair, calling it 'the loveliest hair in the world'.

A new book, John Wilkes Booth and the Women Who Love Him, details the 26-year-old actor's love affairs with nearly two dozen women before his history-making gunshot from the presidential box of Ford's Theatre. Lawrence Abel, Booth was a womanizer who was a certified celebrity in his heyday.

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Not only did the couple first meet on WWE, but they even got engaged at Wrestle Mania 33 and throughout their relationship, the two gave us several adorable displays of their crazy-hot chemistry.

John Wilkes Booth didn't kill Abraham Lincoln because he didn't have anything to live for.

In fact, he left several women heartbroken when he assassinated the president, and was subsequently killed.

Their act stirred up controversy because they often dressed up as men, in flimsy garments to boot. One of his lovers, Henrietta Irving, left, tried to stab Booth when she caught him coming out of her sister's room.

New York actress Maggie Mitchell, right, kept a lock of Booth's hair even after he killed Lincoln Helen, 19, reportedly got intimate with Booth as they performed during a two-week engagement in Portland, Maine - Helen playing Desdemona and Juliet to Booth's Othello and Romeo.

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