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Above, a depiction of Lincoln's assassination at Ford's Theatre Henrietta and Booth had been in a relationship, but then she caught Booth sneaking out of her sister's room at the hotel where they were staying.So she grabbed a dagger and tried to stab him - but only slashed his face. Luckily, Henrietta survived the incident, but it took her two full years to recover.He dated model Elizabeth Hurley from 1986 to 2000 (the couple founded Simian Films together) and dated socialite heiress Jemima Khan for three years. The bit of overlap between Hong and Eberstein's pregnancies has raised eyebrows, but Grant seems quite happy with this new and unexpected chapter in his life.“What has surprised me most is, I think, how enchanting I am as a father,” he told in 1994 that the handsome actor became internationally known. film debut, with Julianne Moore, Hugh Grant was arrested for engaging in a lewd act in a parked car with Hollywood prostitute Divine Brown.However, neither Hurley nor Khan became the mothers to his five children. His charming performance as a fool in love earned Hugh Grant a Best Actor Golden Globe. The scandal and his mug shot instantly circulated through media outlets.

New York actress Maggie Mitchell, right, kept a lock of Booth's hair even after he killed Lincoln Helen, 19, reportedly got intimate with Booth as they performed during a two-week engagement in Portland, Maine - Helen playing Desdemona and Juliet to Booth's Othello and Romeo.

Western was in one of two sister acts that Booth broke up in 1861, causing jealousy between siblings.

Helen and her sister Lucille called themselves the 'Star Sisters'.

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