Is dating someone 3 years younger illegal

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From the known facts about Cindy Porter, it can be assumed that the novel played off of her fears and daily experiences of living in the projects of a major city.Just as it can be seen that Cindy’s life and time influenced her writing, many ideals in Mary Shelley’s life can be connected with themes in her classic novel Frankenstein.Abandonment, Romanticism, and parenting are all themes that were a part of Mary Shelley’s life and highly influential in her writing of Frankenstein.A theme of abandonment by women is exhibited not only in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, but in her own life as well.Intense and imaginative, Romanticism was rooted in the emotions and sentiments.It tried to step away from the Christian view of God and toward a sublime wonder of nature.

Man, therefore, was punished by the denial of fire.Prometheus goes on to defy the Gods once again by stealing back the fire.As a punishment, Prometheus was chained to a cliff and an eagle sent by Zeus picked at his liver daily (Wolf 17).Her novel was a story about a teenage boy who had grown up in poverty.The boy’s daily confrontations with the hardships of his own life proved him to be incapable of dealing with such matters as he slipped into destructive patterns at school, home, and on the streets.

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