Interracial dating in dallas texas

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By no means am I someone of financial wealth (Not at this time at least) but it kind of took me aback for my older male friend to visit and classify my area, a quiet, suburban area, as a "white" area.

However, I can understand somewhat because again Dallas is VERY segregated. Everyone practically lives in their cars or they are Hermits.

They LIE) and the overwhelming number of black minorities here working in low wage jobs or government positions that don't pay what their private industry counterparts pay, their is a wealth imbalance that is apparent.

Blacks have ceded a lot of territory not just to Caucasians but other races when it comes to building personal wealth. When I first moved to Dallas, I noticed immediately how segregated much of the City was.

I have been informed that the vast majority of black people who want to live around others who are culturally similar to us move out to Desoto, TX and Lancaster, TX. People so stoned, So high, they are completely gone mentally.However, outside of those two areas, you will rarely encounter a black cultural centre. Chain Stores, Cookie Cutter Suburban Neighborhoods, and Franchise Restaurants. However, I was shocked to see just how much a problem with Drug Addicts dallas has. I was laid off my job several months ago and I lost my health insurance and I became sick. I could not for the life of me find a doctor who would see me. Literally five and six month waits to see doctors such as an ENT Doctor or a Dermatologist. Yet when it came to power, her far lower white subordinates held far more power.So if you are one of the sistas (or brothers) who decide to integrate into a non black community in Dallas you will be pretty BORED. * I have wondered what is making so many of my people turn to drugs here. I have never seen anything like this and I can only counter it has something to do with the many people moving to Dallas and the doctors offices are all booked up. I had one position where it was told that the blacks had to all have years of experience AND a college degree. So the racism is definitely a downside to living and working in Dallas.If you are fortunate enough to be able to move into areas that are even moderately middle income or upper lower income (with it being taken as understood higher income areas are included in this) you will find that you will mostly be residing around everyone BUT black Americans.Where I currently reside is considered a "white area" per my friend from Dallas.

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