Interracial dating in dallas texas

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If you are fortunate enough to be able to move into areas that are even moderately middle income or upper lower income (with it being taken as understood higher income areas are included in this) you will find that you will mostly be residing around everyone BUT black Americans.

Where I currently reside is considered a "white area" per my friend from Dallas.

They LIE) and the overwhelming number of black minorities here working in low wage jobs or government positions that don't pay what their private industry counterparts pay, their is a wealth imbalance that is apparent.

Blacks have ceded a lot of territory not just to Caucasians but other races when it comes to building personal wealth. When I first moved to Dallas, I noticed immediately how segregated much of the City was.

There are the gay ones who are looking at the hairy man standing behind you or the ones who are only into white/hispanic chicks or the totally ignorant, uncouth, loud, disrespectful, ex-felon, dope dealing, multiple baby momma having, unemployed black men who seem to be all over South Dallas where the majority of my people are located.

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Usually surrounded by many others of various races.

Especially when that workforce is primarily made up of blacks.

I have personal experience in employers suddenly changing the terms of pay in the middle of an employees tenure, for no reason. As well as lying to the unemployment office to fight any and all unemployment claims through the use of Cost Control Law Firms they have hired,usually which are out of state.

I had been laid off my job and my home was in foreclosure. Although that is not the lowest to be found (I have heard North Dakota has a 3% unemployment rate) it is certainly not near the highest unemployment rate in this country.

I relocated to Dallas from another state that was hit hard by the great recession.

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