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Obama Foundation Announces New Program to Train Emerging Leaders Across Africa The Obama Foundation has announced a new addition to its international programs: the Obama Foundation Leaders: Africa.This one-year leadership development and civic engagement program will train and support 200 promising young leaders across Africa working in government, civil society, and the private sector.Development Though it is uncertain who has been appropriating it, Ethiopias economy has been showing monumentally high economic growth for the last fifteen years.Given this economic environment, Ethiopias investment climate has been on the right trajectory and as a result it has been appealing to many domestic and foreign investors.Ethiopia has let foreign companies such as fashion chain H&M set up factories in a decade-long push to change the economic focus from agriculture exports, such as coffee, to manufacturing.

But four people who heard his dinner speech said he signalled he would stick with policies to keep the governments hand in sectors such as infrastructure, banking and telecoms.the first of a three-part series, Fasil Amdetsion looks at the evolution of Italys relationship with its former colonies in the Horn of Africa.Earlier this year, Italy hosted the first ever Italy-Africa Ministerial Conference in Rome.No, the Ethiopia of today is not built on layers of straw but is a robust organic base bound by the blood and sacrifices of millions of peoples of Ethiopia.It is neither the TPLF nor the Tigray people that have been targeted, it is a target aimed at the freedom fighting peoples of Ethiopia, who would not allow any implanted hate-mongers with fascist ideas to make them stumble upon their hard-won victory.

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