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There are great number of evidence suggesting that the use carefully chosen herbal remedies and dietary supplements can help to prevent diabetes and to keep it under control in those people who have already developed it.

Herbal remedies, dietary supplements, and correct life style changes, all together in combination may reduce or eliminate the need for medication in diabetics.

It also helps in preventing some of the tissue and organ damage associated with uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Those herbs that are most effective are relatively non-toxic.

Hence, the common herbs used in diabetes are as follow.

It also blocks the formation of dangerous free radicals.

Reduction in the free radical activity, helps to slow down the progression of diabetic complications.

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Amla seeds or dried Amla are equally useful for controlling diabetes.

Fenugreek, when taken internally, reduces blood sugar, increases lactation and enhances wound healing.

Fenugreek is cultivated throughout the Mediterranean region.

Asian ginseng is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat diabetes.

It has been shown to enhance the release of insulin from the pancreas and to increase the number of insulin receptors. Ginkgo biloba extract may prove useful for prevention and treatment of early stage diabetic neuropathy.

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