How to make a dating game marital separation and dating

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Of course, creating any kind of game is such a broad topic that it's going to be very hard to "teach you" in a forum post, but hanging around the places I listed above, lurking a bit and peeking inside other people's code (when they leave it unobfuscated for that purpose) should, over time, allow you to get a good understanding of what to do. Haha~ I find it hard to make a dating sim game with it. Just worry about how to make it into a dating sim game like make the relationship between you and the guy or girl closer. I'm afraid that for that you'll have to dig around for tutorials on the DSE (Dating Sim Engine), as my field of knowledge is more on drawings than coding.Which part of my post do you find particularly hard to understand? After running Renpy's launcher I chose "Options" from there and created a Projects Directory.Anyway, all these figures are quite impressive, right?

As for software that you could use you mostly have a choice between Novelty and Ren'Py, if you're thinking about making a Visual Novel/Dating Sim.

I had to correct the DSE script as it had an incorrect variable, you can download the corrected version (plus fixed typos! EDIT EDIT: Actually, we came up with an idea for a sort of tutorial game and we'll do that instead (I'll draw, my boyfriend will script the thing).

It will take more time, especially 'cause I'm going home for the Christmas holidays, but it should be easier to understand, hopefully we won't make you wait long!

As of November 2013, the largest foreign markets of the company were Brazil and the United Kingdom.

The audience of the application in these countries had been growing by 2% every day.

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