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Ceramics companies that fail (and there have been a lot of them in the past few years), do so because they are run by people who don't put enough emphasis (and don't begin to understand) good design, how it works and how to stimulate it. The Homer Laughlin company of the 1930's obviously understood how important design was in the profit making process because they took on the services of English pottery designer Frederick Rhead (whose sister Charlotte was also a famous and highly collectible designer).

Rhead came up with the Fiestaware line and the rest is history. The website said it stood for Knowles, Taylor and Knowles Co.

I would like to find out what I can about this piece.

Famous Fiestaware Makers Homer Laughlin Circle Mark on Hotel Ware Pitcher Hi Kelley Remember to use the in-house search boxes.

This jug was produced in our East Liverpool, Ohio plant which closed in 1929. Dave Conley The Homer Laughlin China Company [email protected] I am curious if any of you antique collectors and dealers out there might have an idea of the value today for this Hall boy jug from the 20th century teens. Not that this helps you with your piece but I thought us both being from Montana with similar pieces was a story worth sharing. I looked up, but could not find anything on the markings I saw yesterday in a little county shop we stopped at. Can you help me find out a little more about these markings. is one of the few marks that I can find no record of at all anywhere.

While most glazes have their own pesky quirks, the red glaze has its unique issues, requiring not only a lower temperature fire and a radioactive ingredient, but a sterile environment.

I am having a hard time reading the middle number to determine age.

I have not seen this piece in any of the research I have been doing.

By the way, if you collect Fiesta ware look out for a couple of things... I found a website with a fancier pot, and the same marking.

First check out the pottery marks of any green items you have because if the mark shows it is the original green color production, this line is very rare and sought after by collectors - you may be in for a pay day. Food and Drug Administration declared radioactivity levels to be so low as to not constitute a health risk, but in 1994, test showed leakages of gas to be 7 times higher than is safe. Remember, for valuation and identification advice go here: My vintage and antique china values page Peter (admin)p.s. & K marking by: Morgan I found your comment because I was researching my own chamber pot, which has a similar marking.

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