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Please note that the value is primarily based on the condition of the instrument, rather than just on age and type.We will therefore need to physically inspect the accordion in order to give a reliable estimate.Loosen the two screws holding the controlplate, turn it upside down and you will find some numbers.250K is the impedance of the potentiometer, but it is the number to the right you should take a closer look at.The only way of finding this identification is by inserting a dental mirror and some illumination through the treble f-hole.

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The email address is [email protected] Zaremba began writing professionally in 1997.The Hofner factory did not put serial numbers on their instruments until the early seventies.Some instruments however had the date of manufacture penciled, or stamped, on the underside of the top.We will be happy to recondition your beloved accordion and restore it to its former glory. Sometimes we can even establish the identity of the original purchaser.Please use the form below to contact master accordion builder Ralf Trischler and his team, and we will be happy to advise you. If you own a vintage Hohner accordion, or are interested in buying or selling one, you’ll no doubt be interested in establishing its precise age and provenance.

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