Helping children cope with dating after divorce Chatsexo argentinq

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We want you to know that we’re struggling and trying to make sense of all this.

As we sort through it all, there may be times when we press you for more information.

Please do your best to see the good in one another instead of always expecting the worst.

You may not realize it now but your divorce will also impact our future.

However, we will have graduations, family holidays, weddings, first houses and some day may be even children of our own.

Now that the dust has settled and the formation of two separate households has emerged, how do you prepare your child to cope with the changes that occur because of divorce?

We will question what was true about our childhood and what wasn’t.

If we didn’t see this coming, we’ll ask ourselves if there was ever really love or was it all a lie?

After all, who wants to be responsible for their parents being miserable?

We’ll need time to take it all in so please don’t expect us to just pick up and move on. It helped shape our ideas about marriage, relationships and family.

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