Helping children cope with dating after divorce volunteer dating service

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If you’ve been waiting until we left home to do this, don’t be surprised by our anger and hurt.While your intentions may have been good, the fact that you waited will also leaving us feeling really guilty.We want you to know that we’re struggling and trying to make sense of all this.As we sort through it all, there may be times when we press you for more information.Yes, we get that we’re old enough to hear it all, but that doesn’t mean we want to.We know you may feel scared, confused, angry, upset or just plain gutted.

While we want to be supportive, you need to find someone else who can listen to your rants, be your confidante or hold your secrets. It would also help if you didn’t ask us to take sides or feel the same way you do about the divorce.Please do your best to see the good in one another instead of always expecting the worst.You may not realize it now but your divorce will also impact our future.We may even call our own relationships into question.Doubts might creep in about our own ability to have a happily ever after or even just a long-term commitment.

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