Guideline for updating your computer

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If the resource consists of numeric data in tabular form equivalent to a non-manipulable print document, use Type: a, 006/File: d) Please note that these categories of electronic resources are listed for purposes of identifying the appropriate codes for "Type" and "File" only.Since the 2004 Update to AACR2 Chapter 9, the Type and Extent of Resource Area (MARC field 256) is no longer used for electronic resources.Other classes of electronic resources are coded for their most significant aspect (for instance, language material, graphic, cartographic material, sound, music, moving image).In case of doubt or if the most significant aspect cannot be determined, consider the item a computer file.If the resource is essentially the equivalent of a print item but in electronic form, use the same Type code you would use for the print version.In records for electronic resources where the Type Code is not "m," OCLC mandates including the field 006 for the electronic aspects so that the "COM" search qualifier will continue to retrieve these materials.The recommendations made here are meant to be extensions of these documents, not replacements for them.Note that Nancy Olson's "Cataloging Internet Resources: A Manual and Practical Guide, 2nd edition," formerly listed here, has been withdrawn because it is out of date.

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In the area of online systems and services, consider whether the system itself (for example, a library system providing an interface to several databases), or the content of the several constituent databases, is being cataloged.

This document originally combined and superseded two older sets of OCLC guidelines for dealing with electronic resources: "Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines," by Rich Greene, first published in February 1998; and "OCLC Guidelines on the Choice of Type and BLvl for Electronic Resources," by Jay Weitz, first published in March 1998.

This consolidated document was originally prompted by the issuance in June 1999 of " Guidelines for Coding Electronic Resources in Leader/06" by the Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office.

Remember to code the "File" value correctly, usually "d" for textual materials.

In keeping with the current definition of Type code "m," OCLC is recommending the following choices of "Type" code and CF 006/09 and CF 008/26 "File" ("Type of Computer File") values for the following categories of electronic resources.

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