Guideline for updating your computer

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Guidance on the coding of the 856 can be found in LC's Guidelines for the Use of Field 856.

Please be careful about the correct coding of the field 856 second indicator.

If the resource consists of numeric data in tabular form equivalent to a non-manipulable print document, use Type: a, 006/File: d) Please note that these categories of electronic resources are listed for purposes of identifying the appropriate codes for "Type" and "File" only.

Since the 2004 Update to AACR2 Chapter 9, the Type and Extent of Resource Area (MARC field 256) is no longer used for electronic resources.

When cataloging an electronic resource that includes a significant aspect in any of these bibliographic formats according to current definitions, use "Form of Item" code "s" in the fixed field "Form" and/or in the "Form element of any 006 fields for that aspect, as appropriate. May reside in a carrier accessed either directly or remotely.

May require use of peripheral devices attached to the computer (e.g., a CD-ROM player).

The recommendations made here are meant to be extensions of these documents, not replacements for them.

Note that Nancy Olson's "Cataloging Internet Resources: A Manual and Practical Guide, 2nd edition," formerly listed here, has been withdrawn because it is out of date.

Like the two superseded OCLC documents, this revised set of guidelines is intended to assist catalogers in creating records for electronic resources in World Cat, the OCLC Online Union Catalog.This hierarchical list is based on the list of file designations that Nancy Olson, in the now-obsolete manual, had adapted from Section 3.1 of ISBD(ER).Included below are resources accessible directly, such as on CD-ROMs or computer disks, and remotely, such as from Web sites and online files.LCRI 9.7B, marked "LC Practice," deals with "Remote access electronic resources that are no longer available." Because of OCLC's indexing needs and its electronic address checking software, however, we suggest leaving URIs in field 856 subfield $u and adding an appropriate subfield $z note under the following circumstances: When the following characters appear in URIs, you may now use the proper character or substitute the appropriate hex value.Note: Do not confuse these spacing characters with their long-valid non-spacing counterparts.

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