Guarding your heart in dating

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and honestly assess your situation in light of God's will for your life, inspite of what others say!) So this couple waited a long time before openly discussing their feelings with each other ...Sometimes your friends are so excited for you to "enjoy" romance, that they push you ahead before you are ready.So you do have to be prayerful about that discerning ...In the meantime, they had to continue to keep their time alone together limited; although, by that point in time, they did begin talking more openly about the possibility of a courtship.

and the couple is left devastated, after having invested so much of their youth on each other.

but they did not openly discuss it with each other for a long time.

In this way, they guarded their hearts and preserved the emotional chastity of their relationship. But they did have others in their lives with whom they could talk about their feelings ...

I'm 17, and I need some advice, mainly on how to follow in Kyle's footsteps from "Surrender".

He did a very good job of hiding his feelings for Amie, and I was very impressed. Only similar, because "my friend" knows me way too well and knows exactly what's going through my mind.

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