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Some people just leave their accounts up and don't check in, not fake, just inactive & I suspect they leave them there to keep their numbers looking better.

Learn to recognise the fake ones - poor English, pushing too fast but never available to meet, time zone differences (late nights/early mornings), request for email address or messaging account instead of mobile phone number to communicate.

After 4 years and seeing the same women's profiles over and over again I wonder why POF allows inactive members to remain on. Your membership is contingent upon how soon you will be tricked into upgrading, and if you ask the POF staff to do their job and delete questionable and obvious scam profiles they will get rid of you not the prostitutes, scammers, psychos, or non-photo profiles! , and most likely what responses you do get where there is an exchange of emails are only to entice you into upgrading as I have found the messaging will drop off suddenly for no reason. These sites fall under the criminal category of business fraud and probably FCC violations as well as perhaps Trade practice infractions.

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few points to note 1- Unless you are a male model you will be ignored by the women on here. Let's be honest they are rejects misfits or something is wrong with them.

You're obese not bbw there's nothing beautiful about rolls of fat.

Stocking your tongue out or pouting with a silly filter won't help you only the gym will 8- looking for a honest decent man is a regular headline. They want a hot guy with money but dare not say it. Easy to see why single for years 10- If you are 42 and not married and longest relationship is 1 year don't act like you're a catch. You're best days are 20 years ago so drop the diva act Hope this helps any guys thinking of joining Stay away!!!

Of all the new up and coming sites id say only We Just Fit has any chance of challenging pof. Intelligent, sense of humor, 2 kids, single by choice until I meet the right guy.

Others come and go (trust me ive tried them all) and pof just stays on the throne, pure bossing it.

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