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I responded with 2 women, even received email notifications that they had responede to my message, but low and behold, their meaasges were not there, all others that I received or sent but did not get a response to were visible but not the ones I was communicating with.I couldnt even see the messages I sent to them, seems as soon as I responded to a message the system would block me access to those messages only, I suspect to get me to pay more or upgrade.You're obese not bbw there's nothing beautiful about rolls of fat.Stocking your tongue out or pouting with a silly filter won't help you only the gym will 8- looking for a honest decent man is a regular headline. They want a hot guy with money but dare not say it. Easy to see why single for years 10- If you are 42 and not married and longest relationship is 1 year don't act like you're a catch. You're best days are 20 years ago so drop the diva act Hope this helps any guys thinking of joining Stay away!!!Ladies and gentlemen, if they do insist on emailing you, research how to get the IP address from the email header, then find the IP address online..can at least tell you which country they are sending the email from, it is in the packet information in the header of the email (yeah, have a degree in IT..I was smart! Keep your expectations realistic and don't try dating on-line if you are desperately not the role of some other person to fill that hole in your life...that's your job! Was supprised at how I almost immediately started receiving people want to meet me emails and massages.).skill has saved me wasting my time with scammers already. Most of the messages I received said the same thing Hey there, how are you :) First sign of scam.

I am a heterosexual female looking for heterosexual men. Then I started receiving emails from Russian and Asian whores looking to have sex and ads for penile enhancements..wonder where they got my email from???Some people just leave their accounts up and don't check in, not fake, just inactive & I suspect they leave them there to keep their numbers looking better.Learn to recognise the fake ones - poor English, pushing too fast but never available to meet, time zone differences (late nights/early mornings), request for email address or messaging account instead of mobile phone number to communicate.Seeing as she must have received thousands upon thousands of messages its incredible she cant find a man. If I'm looking for someone first impressions are crucial and I don't want to read someone whining on their profile about how bad men are on the site or how they have a list of traits men must have before contacting them.I asked her in a message why and she said why should I settle for something not right. You're 5'1 but you only date guys 6'0 and above oh and they must be slim despite the fact you're fat even though you say you're cuddly lol 7- when you're the size of Mississippi you're not average build and you're not a few extra pounds.

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