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The reason why is I find it hard to be fake, and small talk is just fake rubbish.

You pretend to be interested in or care about something you don't give a crap about, just so you can get a conversation going and get onto an interesting topic.

Usually we (nerds) tend to congregate in comic shops and the like so I know where to find them. then this really F' ing hot chick starts playing the machine next to me.

Anyone else I usually just meet through other friends. and I say whats its gonna take for you to go up stairs with me for a little bit?

" when really I don't give a crap that it's mildly sunny and where you bought your completely average looking shoes. Or, you could overhear something that may allow a jump in. My wife and I were at the opening of the Harry Potter part of the Islands of Adventure park in Orlando a while back. So, I scouted for a better opportunity (my wife knows me, so she knew I'd come up with SOMETHING)...

I'm the worst at nightclubs and such because you can't really hear the person you're talking to well, so conversation has to be very simple, shallow and mostly pointless, and then again, you have to be fake and good at small talk. Whatever comes off the top of your head just say it. I came across a group of fellow nerds talking about the show LOST. Inside of 10 minutes, it was like I'd been with them all along. That little impromptu conversation and ice-breaking saved us 4 HOURS in line. I usually just smile but even then I make an awkward smile, and I'm never sure if my interlocutor correctly interpreted it. It's like as if one needs a kickstart t make the machine go on... I usually just pretend there was no silence before that, and try to talk to them with most sincerity. " then ask what the person thinks about something currently happening in the news or some sort of local goings on, or something particular to wherever you both happen to be. It may not show on the boards as much as it does in person but I am what my granny always called "Blessed with the gift of gab"! I usually just ignore people I don't know, epsecially if it seems like I just don't want to know them.

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I would offer more help, but I'm in the same boat as you. I have the same problem, I'm terrible at small talk.

Or you could just say, "So, how about that local sports team, eh? she says Iam working here and I dont go upstairs for less than 0 I say 0 ? She says no way I dont go upstairs with anyone for less than 200 So we go our seperate ways later on that evening I meet up with my girl and we are headed back to the room.

and dosent that same hooker walk out of a room 3 doors down from mine.

To engage someone in conversation ask their opinion. The bad weather is a good icebreaker but I try to avoid it if I can, because it's so has-been. So I try to find something to critic, or remark, or ask. I have never felt like I should go out of my way to make small talk.

Most people love to tell you their opinion on anything. I have a very specific type of person I make friends with, nerds, geeks, whatever you call us.

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