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Therefore, vendors will need to contemplate the following when preparing and planning to enter into price increase discussions with customers The challenge associated with selling and negotiating a price increase in difficult market conditions usually stems from the fact that sales and marketing personnel and the customer view the situation from different perspectives.

The game doesnt have to be decided by the opening, however. If you see your opponent just happen to play the right moves agiainst your opening then simply tip your hat to his dilligent work ethic and then demolish him in the equal endgame. Bc4 Bc5 which is sound development all around; knights on their best squares, and bishops pointing straight at their opponent's weakness on f7 & f2. NOTE: You need to pick a username and password to post a reply.

I dont play it as White, instead going for my Ruy Exchange instead.

As Black though as long as I can hold back Whites initial assault, I can attack through the Queenside.

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