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And yet the authors still concede that 800 years is simply difficult to credit when one consults the historical literature.

Strangely though it does align with the date of the Mongol ascendancy, during which time the Uygurs served as civil servants in the barbarian empire (Mongol script derives from the old Uygur script).

Over time these correlations dissipate due to recombination.

The magnitude of dissipation can allow one to gauge the time in the past when the original admixture occurred. To the left is a section of a table which illustrates the most significant 3-population test scores in the HGDP.

Several Middle Eastern populations are known to have Sub-Saharan African admixture, and this is shows up in the results.

Others may be more confusing because of the obscurity of the populations, but the Burusho clearly have ancient East Asian ancestry on clustering algorithms, so their presence is not surprising to me.

Precisely, the Uygurs are descended from Northeast Asian Turks, who assimilated an Indo-European speaking substratum.

Most of the results are rather obvious and explicable.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

The Uygur are not descended from Japanese and Italians.

Rather, they are descended from populations with genetic affinities to these two sources.

The last method, , infers the timing of an admixture event based upon the decay of linkage disequilibrium.

In short, admixture between two very distinct populations has the concrete result of producing striking genomic correlations.

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