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I've been on more dates than I can count, kiss closed a zillion, f-closed a zillion, and had a few meaningful relationships all from online dating.

I left a comment in another thread saying I do alright, and subsequently have been getting PMs asking for advice, so here you go.edit: you can get plenty of advice and profile critiques over at r/okcupid and r/pof My advice for all profiles in general consists of these main points: The persona that does best (for me) is whimsical and funny with just a sprinkle of seriousness. It actually might help to get drunk and watch some stand-up comedy before you write your profile to put yourself in a whimsical/funny mood. Drinking will make you whimsical, and stand-up comedy will make you a little funnier. It means don't use adjectives or broad, vague descriptors like, "I'm funny" or "I'm adventurous" or anything that literally any other guy could say.

A woman wants to know you’re talking to her because you find her fascinating, not because you’re hoping to get her into bed. “I can’t believe you used to collect coasters, too. Those fast-paced, witty, and scantily-clad scenes often brush over the consideration and patience it takes to truly attract a woman. Sure, it can happen in one night, but it can also be pleasurable to slowly build up over time.

If you do need/want to talk about her appearance, don’t put a lot of weight on it. ” Instead, work it in more naturally like: “Well, I’m sure you’ve probably never gotten a speeding ticket looking like that.” This piece of advice is piggybacking on the idea of treating her like a normal person. You have so much in common, and you’re always laughing at each other’s jokes. Whether you’re online or in person, you have to wait until the moment she’s comfortable.

There are four levels of a relationship, and you need to make sure you don’t skip over one in your race to woo your woman. As you spend more time together, you tend to let your guard down.

At this level, you’re really just friendly strangers.

On that note, also be courteous to her friends as well. If she has beautiful blue eyes, she’s likely heard every possible compliment on them.

If she’s a gorgeous natural redhead, she’s heard all the fiery comments you can come up with. This is when it’s right, and natural, to take it to the next level sexually. You both know it’s on, but enjoy the teasing and hotness of knowing what will come later. If you keep touching my neck like that, I can’t be held responsible for what happens next.” Seducing a woman in real life is not like you see it in the movies.

” Interesting and informative tidbits make for a good impression online. ” Take time to read about her and see if you have something in common. ” It’s simple, it’s friendly, and it’s easy to answer.Sometimes we project all our hopes and dreams onto someone we’ve just met, and that can be a bit much. No one wants a needy, desperate guy clinging to them.Women want someone who is active but who will make time to fit a special girl into his busy schedule. You should not initiate the sex discussions/pics/talks first.I know it may be hard with your heart pounding, but the more normal you act, the more points you’ll get in your favor.She’ll be intrigued by your confidence and the fact that you’re not getting flustered talking to her. Not saying that she’s an “I’m-all-that” type of girl, but if enough guys lose their minds around her, she’s gonna get the picture.

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