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Schmidt was able to gain the upper hand, with Alden having to fend off the challenges of Todd Daun and Rick Kelsey.

The main event had rolled off with Nick Alden setting the pace from his pole position, and Schmidt accepting the green flag from outside the front row.

Jordan Mattson, in typical 141 tradition, jumped into the pond in 141s infield, after dominating the Auto Meter Wisconsin wing LESS series presented by the IRA A main feature action. Spitz had been running solidly in the top 6 at the time. Schmidt again was able to deflect Dauns challenges but the battle had escalated to the point of nearly making contact as both drivers fought for every inch of real estate.

28 wing LESS cars attempted to qualify at the high banked 1/4th mile speedway. Kelsey meanwhile was unable to capitalize as Nimee now sought the third spot.

Heading into the third turn Nimee dove deep in the corner executing a slide job, which Schmidt countered with a cross over move. He was able to reach the finish line first by a matter of a few feet.

Schmidt is among the hardest charging drivers on the IRA circuit this season and he had already repelled challenges from several drivers in this evenings contest.

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Jimmy Sivia brought his 91 home in 2nd followed by Greg Olson and Vince Bartolotta. Bill Rose, the point leader heading into the program, made a surprise appearance in a Chris Hartnell owned ride this evening.Heat 2 would see Jordan Mattson charge from his 5th place starting position to the win. Just behind the lead duo Kelsey and Balog were fighting tooth and nail for the fourth spot.Allen Hafford would bring his Daves American Muffler 38 home in 2nd ahead of Craig Campton and Nathan Crane. With the finish drawing near Nimee was able to reach Schmidts rear nerf bar as the white flag flew. For all his efforts it had seemed at time fate hasnt been kind to the racer whose tenacity has been challenged but never broken. One week later, Nimee was tumbling down the backstretch after clipping another car that had tagged the wall.

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