East eoropean dating

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It’s a useful device because by weighting your luggage before checking it in at the airport, you can save money in overweight fees.

I think I spent around around four or five hours scouring every travel store in the city only to come back empty handed.

People from the Balkans and Southern Europe are also pretty friendly. The amount of friendliness varies across Eastern Europe: Bulgarians are friendlier than Estonians or Russians, but even Bulgarians or Romanians do not come close in friendliness of the Latin Americans.

But friendliness is definitely not how I would characterize Eastern Europeans. Eastern Europeans just aren’t huge fans of smiling and having friendly chitchats. The good news is that after getting to know you, Eastern Europeans tend to open up and become a bit friendlier.

But as someone who was born in a major city there, I can assure you that Black Sea beaches truly suck and come nowhere close to the pristine Mediterranean beaches. Temperatures start to drop fairly rapidly around late September or early October.

In the peak of winter, it’s common to experience at least a foot of snow (and often much, much more).

Here in Vilnius, the old town is nothing short of magical. What they don’t tell you, however, is that these old towns are tiny; they can be easily covered in an hour or two by foot, and then you’re suddenly located in another world, a world of crumbling Communist era “building parks,” a world of rusting trolleybuses that look like they’re about to break down any minute, a world of broken street pavement, a world devoid of street lights, forcing you to reach for your flashlight as you walk home in the night—a completely different world that unsurprisingly doesn’t make it to the laminated travel brochures.

Not able to drink tap water or consistently enjoy hot showers is something I can understand if I was in Kenya or Mozambique but not in a European country.The stores I visited sold all kinds of luggage, but not a digital scale. Petersburg I’m talking about—a city of over 5 million people—not some little village in the middle of nowhere.I can’t imagine having better luck in the smaller cities in countries such as Ukraine, Romania or Bulgaria.Moldova is certainly “a must see” country by any stretch of imagination. I realized that most often than not, the region is portrayed as some paradise on earth instead of being depicted closer to reality. Here are some factors that are either fully ignored or are majorly downplayed when describing this region: Let’s start with the things that directly affect your psychological well-being: weather. The difference between seasons is not moderate but extreme: very hot and humid summers and very cold and freezing winters.Not only are the summers scorchingly unbearable (especially in the southern regions), but to add insult to injury, you don’t really have a nice beach where you can cool off.

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