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A sweeping review found no evidence that rehabilitation programs were reducing recidivism rates.

Further, Martinson’s review found that the length of a sentence had no impact on recidivism.

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”By the end of the summary, Martinson indicated that “nothing works.” Although he found a few instances of partial success, he nonetheless concluded that ”I am bound to say that these data, involving over two hundred studies and hundreds of thousands of individuals as they do, are the best available and give us very little reason to hope that we have in fact found a sure way of reducing recidivism through rehabilitation.”You might think this means that prisons simply need to do better rehabilitation, not forsake it all-together.

Martinson considered this objection, but not seriously.

Martinson said the same was true of other prison alternatives, like parole with intensive supervision.

Further, Martinson derided the theory of “crime as a social phenomena,” arguing that rehabilitative strategies “have on occasion become, and have the potential for becoming, so draconian as to offend the moral order of a democratic society.” He also worried that rehabilitation implied releasing those who have little risk of re-offending, but keeping high-risk criminals locked up so that they might be rehabilitated.

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