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We are inspired by the motto: "a rising tide lifts all boats." “Supported Decision-Making is a way people with disabilities and older adults can shape their own futures with the support they need and want.” DCASE supported this effort and is proud that DCASE schools have used supported decision making and self-advocacy as key pillars in their curriculum for students with disabilities.DCASE is an alliance of nonpublic and charter schools that provide special education services to students from the District of Columbia.Members are dedicated to improving educational opportunities for all DC students with disabilities.Because of these delays, it is not surprising that the graduation rate in DC is only 46 percent for students with disabilities, (and this does NOT include students “graduating” school without a diploma and just a certificate of completion of their IEP). DCFPI’s recent post on early identification shows us the financial downfall that occurs when our city continues to delay funding for shorter evaluation times and service levels and fails to take a focused and proactive effort for early identification of students with disabilities as the 2014 Special Education reforms intended: “Children who do not receive the specialized support they need as infants and toddlers have a much harder time making up lost ground later.DC’s disappointing academic gap for children in special education – only about “The most recent testing data shows that 60 percent of special education students score at lowest level of standardized testing, as opposed to 20-30 percent of students in general education.

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