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If I start giving her too much time and attention too early before she’s earned it, she may get lazy and stop working. That’s when I lower her pay and make it clear that she needs to work harder to get the payment.

If she does something I don’t like, I don’t get angry. My relationship is in many ways like an employer-employee relationship. I pay her with my time and attention based on her good behavior. If I let her get away with bad behavior, I will surely see more bad behavior.

No matter how far from her “physical type” you were a minute ago, now she’s convincing herself that you’re So what happens next? So even if you’re the busiest guy around, you can line up 10-15 willing women each week without even trying.

From there you just narrow the field to the one or ones you really want. Well, that’s where things get Because you can go for a quick coffee, or even an early cocktail…

Her face gets flushed, her heart rate speeds up, and her panties begin to dampen. She literally starts looking for things to like about you… knowing she’ll be waiting for your call, and eager to meet up later.

You’ll have the skills, the confidence, and the power with women you’ve always wanted and the rare power to choose, attract and sleep with nearly any woman you want. As soon as you find her, it’s “game on” You simply walk up to her... And before she ever had a chance to pull the “I have a boyfriend card”…or give you the “I’ve got to run, I have a meeting” line…

From: Richard La Ruina (Gambler)June 28, 2015 The past 7 years have led to this moment. The most powerful and transformative seduction training ever developed is now LIVE. And no matter how hard it was for you to do this in the past... This time, you’re armed with something way more powerful than confidence or “know how”... As you walk over to her, you laugh to yourself because you know just how easy this is going to be. Not with some cheesy pickup line you can’t even spit out without cringing… It hits her: feelings of raw, uncontrollable attraction.

I rarely ever get angry at women, particularly in the first few months of a relationship. If she does something majorly wrong, I may take away exclusivity, put her into friend zone or break up with her.

Maybe she says something minor that annoys me or gets angry at me for some stupid reason. If she does something that irritates me in a more major way, I may text her less or not at all, I may cancel our next hangout or end a date in the middle of it and go home alone.

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