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For other MDM vendors, please consult your vendor for further details.

The Windows Autopilot Deployment Program uses a number of cloud services to get your devices to a productive state.

Specifies whether password reset is enabled for Azure Active Directory accounts.

This policy allows the Azure AD tenant administrators to enable self service password reset feature on the windows logon screen.

If you're an IT pro or a technical staff member at a school, your scenario might be simpler.

The Set Up School PCs app can be used to quickly set up PCs for students and will get you to a productive state faster and simpler.

This solution enables an IT department to achieve the above with little to no infrastructure to manage, with a process that's easy and simple.

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To manage devices behind firewalls and proxy servers, the following URLs need to be accessible: If you are planning to configure devices with traditional on-premises or cloud-based solutions, the Windows Configuration Designer can be used to help automate the process.

Once devices are registered, these are the OOBE customization options available for Windows 10, starting with version 1703: In order for your company branding to appear during the OOBE, you'll need to configure it in Azure Active Directory first.

See Add company branding to your directory, to configure these settings.

The IT admin provisions and distributes FIDO 2.0 devices to employees, which allows them to authenticate to various shared devices and PCs.

The following list shows the supported values: Added in Windows 10, version 1607.

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