Dating scammer nigerian 419 olesya dating omsk

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The Nigerian 419 scam is a common example of this - the "419" refers to the Nigerian Criminal Code that deals with fraud.

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Also, another form, where the scammer offers a lucrative job to the target but certain fees must be paid up front by the target to get the job.

The scammer needs monies for fees to get the target declared the rightful inheritor.

Lottery 419 Scam: The scammer says the target has won a lottery, but fees and taxes etc. Oil Scam 419 Scam: The scammer has secured a large amount of oil at below market prices, and the target can get in on the deal for a fee.

Often, the scammer says that if someone does not claim the money it will revert to the Government and no-one will get it.

The target is asked to "stand in" as a relative to claim the money, with the scammer taking care of all the details, and then split the proceeds with the scammer.

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