Dating scammer nigerian 419

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Reload 419 Scam: The scammer approaches a target who has already been 419ed and offers the target another type of 419 deal to enable the target to "replace" his/her lost monies or the scammer claims has can bring the previous deal to fruition, if necessary fees are paid by the target.Reshipper 419 Scam: The scammer will attempt to obtain stolen merchandise for personal use or to sell.The target also is cash out to his bank for any problems with his account caused by the bouncing of the original cheque as he must make up any overdrafts and pay any relevant fees etc.Charitable Organization 419 Scam: The scammer approaches a charitable organization with a request for help, usually about getting a large sum of money transferred out of a country in which the charitable organization's brethren can claim to be persecuted.

The scammer needs monies for fees in order to get the monies freed up.Many people have lost their life savings due to fraud419 frauds - most regular scams committed.Scammers send emails and letters to victims asking for a certain amount of money in order to secure a larger sum.Email fraud is the intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual through email.Almost as soon as email became widely used, it began to be used as a means to defraud people.

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