Dating outside your culture

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If the relationship is not well received then you have to ready yourself for a myriad of threats, ultimatums, and the possibility of being disowned.Being disowned is how bad it could get and there is more information about it here.However you may find yourself plagued with guilt and/or hesitation in doing so because you do not know what your family’s receptivity will be.Particularly if your family’s culture traditionally dictates the type of person you are suppose to marry.Are the objections related to: culture, family background, how the children are going to look, perception, religion? It is important to show your parents that you have finished school, and you are working, and living on your own.

Studying a language can be fun and rewarding, but even people who reach a relatively high level of proficiency need a break.Learning a language is never very easy, but if you’re in it for the long haul, it’s one more way you can care for your partner.In addition, language and culture are mutually reinforcing, making them nearly impossible to disentangle.Yes, such as Northen Indians should only marry Northern Indians and not… This may end up being a mute point for some of you.Then again, if it is not then slowly and subtly gauge things with your parents.

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