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A third vintage postcard found at Exeter Quay antique place. In the following links * = Image available 80m E 86° Crickhowell Museum (SU123422) 89m ENE 65° Heel Stone* Standing Stone (Menhir) (SU1229142244) 200m E 94° Stonehenge Bowl Barrow* Round Barrow(s) (SU12424217) 304m WNW 301° Stonehenge Car Park Postholes* Timber Circle (SU120424) 636m ENE 60° The Avenue* Ancient Trackway (SU12694262) 676m NW 318° Great Cursus Barrows, Stonehenge* Round Barrow(s) (SU11894278) 783m NNW 342° Great Cursus, Stonehenge* Cursus (SU1206342957) 939m E 96° Amesbury 39 Bowl Barrow* Round Barrow(s) (SU13154204) 1.1km SW 214° Normanton Down* Barrow Cemetery (SU118412) 1.1km SW 225° Bush Barrow* Round Barrow(s) (SU11644126) 1.2km WNW 288° Fargo Disk Barrow* Round Barrow(s) (SU11154275) 1.2km E 89° New King Barrows* Barrow Cemetery (SU13454222) 1.3km ESE 108° Coneybury Henge* Henge (SU134416) 1.5km E 87° The King Barrows Ridge* Barrow Cemetery (SU137423) 1.5km WNW 289° Amesbury Cursus Cursus (SU109429) 1.5km ENE 75° Old King Barrows* Barrow Cemetery (SU13604280) 1.5km WSW 252° Pond Barrow and Wilsford Shaft Round Barrow(s) (SU1086441475) 1.8km ENE 67° Amesbury Cursus Cursus (SU137432) 1.9km E 95° Amesbury 38 Bowl Barrow* Round Barrow(s) (SU14114192) 2.1km WNW 300° Winterbourne Stoke Cursus Cursus (SU107436) 2.1km W 262° Winterbourne Stoke* Barrow Cemetery (SU10174171) 2.1km ESE 105° Bluestonehenge* Stone Circle (SU14204137) 2.2km N 11° Long Barrow alongside The Packway, Larkhill* Long Barrow (SU12474438) 2.2km WNW 293° The Lesser Cursus* Cursus (SU10354343) 2.3km WNW 292° Winterbourne Stoke Cursus Cursus (SU103434) View more nearby sites and additional images johnstone lichen Lazulilou Chris Healey Scott HK return Viewers Guide ajmp3003 Chrononaut1962 Annabelle Star achiersnakes Andy B neolithique02 emerald kith XIII mfrincu rick_doble Drew Parsons Northerner In London coin tomatstone keniaar kthdsn Elric Martin JEley Estrela Martin RS Bolshie Boris Bladup Modern Explorers Ogham graemefield sem dubnicos Andy B zaghareet sirius_b Anti_quarian Solar Megalith Forest Daughter Stu Stu Studio Klingon Runemage LPhillips myf woodini254 nicoladidsbury hamish steph Erin rldixon deepblue Woode Steve C Steve C Steve C davidmorgan moor2moor h_fenton coldrum Angie Lake Jim Champion jeniferj Tim Prevett bat400 have visited heretrystan_hughes 43559959 would like to visit Logs with comments Chris Healey: I went as a child too, but summer solstice 2008 was probably my first independent visit.Captions: '11' 'Stonehenge - Stones in Outer Circle, S - Side'. return Viewers Guide: On a family vacation in approximately 1976 we visited Stonehenge.Estrela: The audio guide is good, keeps the visitors moving, but I really missed the opportunity to just stand and drink in the landscape and the relationship between the stones.Modern Explorers: A fascinating site, shame they charge money to see it dubnicos: The monument's too well-known!At that time you could walk among the stones and during our visit there were only a few scattered people around and we had the whole place to ourselves a number of times.At that time I had no way of knowing how lucky we were to be th...Also a new theory that two of the stones at Stonehenge were there all along, and already had a solstice alignment - one being the Heel stone and the other being the enigmatic 'Stone 16'.More details on both of these in the comments on our Stonehenge page. On reverse: 'Photo gravure by the Vandyck Printers Ltd., Bristol & London.' Turn off the page maps and other distractions Pop-up a mini map of these sites Pop-up a Google Map of these sites Nearby sites listing.

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The stones are amazing and seeing them live is a unique experience.View full visit logs Please respond to the consultation before it closes on 23 April - you can use your own words of course, or be guided by the response from the Stonehenge Alliance. You can also respond to Highways Englands online form with the help of the notes from here Stonehenge World Heritage Site (WHS) is this countrys most important prehistoric landscape, valued the world over for its outstanding complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments and buried archaeology.Despite the importance of this WHS, the UK Government plans to build a vast dual carriageway across the landscape, with massive tunnel portals emerging into deep cuttings for around a mile of new roads.Slip roads to a double interchange would destroy the western setting of the WHS.

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