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His furious sister is still tagging along, inexplicably.

'You guys are getting very friendly,' she says, without moving her face.

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Sam is going through the seven stages of grief, after it became evident last week that he and Tiff aren’t just ‘over’, they are ‘over over'. He’s lying around, shirtless, wallowing in his own filth.

Elsewhere, Fred and Sophie are on their second date, and we all know what that means on MIC: each bring a friend along! Having moved on from ice sculpting, they've gone to a life drawing class, and there's a naked man there, ready for them to sketch, naked as a thrush.

Sophie is squinting at his crotch, yet appears to bestow him with a generous phallus.

As said naked man stands in position in the backdrop, the quartet discuss art. It's all Fred can do to stop himself flinging those beautiful golden locks from one side of his face to the other, while Sophie twirls her sketching pencil.

Victoria would like to be sculpted as a gold bust, while Sophie 'always wanted myself in a cat position with a glass table put on me and have myself as a piece of furniture'. Liv is gushing about how much of a gentleman Digby is - which surely means by Christmas one of them will have cheated on the other.

Way to make the rest of us feel like an ectomycorrhizal fungi Frankie.She later has a quiet word of warning with Digby, because she has heard on the grapevine that Liv gets bored easily.These two call each other 'Moz and Digz' and it makes them sound like they are a double-act on CBBC that airs between The Queen's Nose and Byker Grove.She says hi to the girls, and there is a stony silence, literally as a church bell tolls in the background.Any minute now, tumbleweed will blow past and thwack Mimi in the eye.

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