Dating genital herpes

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My soulmate and I have never used condoms except for what they are intended: birth control.

I also believe they often bring on ob’s due to increased friction during intercourse.

Comment originally published on the Honeycomb Herpes…I was talking to this sweet guy when i got diagnosed.

I didn’t know him well enough so i just decided to tell him. Now we’re talking about getting married and having kids. Comment originally published on the Honeycomb Herpes Support forums. After reviewing this thread, I realize I’ve been telling people that I outlined our system for protecting my partner here–and I never did!

Throughout the whole ordeal I had a gf whom I loved and loved me, which made coping easier.

She recently decided that she wasn’t into a long-term thing anymore and broke it off.

I have never been…I was diagnosed with HSV1 & 2 in Mid-March after having my suspicions since December 2010.

When I told him I had HSV I was crying hysterically and he looked at me like I was crazy because he said I had no need to be so upset.

He almost laughed at me because he thought it was so ridiculous that I thought that having HSV could change his mind about me.

We were together for about 4 years and I never passed it to him.

If I was thinking I was going to have an OB we withheld, obviously I only took Acyclovir during my OBs and didn’t do any suppression meds, but I think I’m a lucky one.

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