Dating day trip

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I've always been a party planner and will strive to find great venues and interesting ideas, to keep this group new, growing and exciting but I need your input, especially from the locals.

Members should be 50 years of age up to 65, but those numbers aren't set in stone, had to start and end somewhere.

Membership fees - Beginning May 1, 2014, Dynamic Professionals will charge an annual fee of .00 Per Member.

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As you can see from our wide variety of past and upcoming meetups - we have events and adventures for everyone.Favorite places to visit for daytrips and weekend trips, favorite local restaurants-both new and old, group dinners and more intimate dinners, dancing, sporting events, mystery theatres, boat trips, wine tastings, museums, historical sites, movies, theatre, cabarets, musical events (from new age to classical), visits to parks, hiking, skating, go carting, zip lining, paint ball, and the list keeps going.Many more activities to be had in the warmer months.Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in anyway.Inappropriate comments and/or other harassment of any member will be grounds for removal from our group.

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