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There is a great diversity of Flemish dialects which differ in vocabulary and pronunciation.French is still spoken in Flanders by some people in the upper and upper middle classes as well as along the linguistic border and around Brussels.The Flemish national day celebrates the victory of the Flemish militias over the royal French army at the Battle of the Golden Spurs, named after the trophies collected from slain French knights.The Flemish national anthem (the Vlaamse leeuw ) was composed in 1847.Brussels, the capital, has approximately 1 million residents, and the second city, Antwerp, has half a million.

The Taalunie, an official institution, guarantees the international unity of the Dutch language.

The German-speaking population lives at the borders with Germany and Luxembourg.

Discoveries of coal in the hills of northern Wallonia led to the early industrialization of the area. Belgium is one of the most urbanized and densely inhabited countries in the world with about 97 percent of the 10 million inhabitants living in cities in 2000.

It was adopted as the Flemish movement's anthem in 1900 and became the official anthem of the Flemish community in 1973.

Other strong Flemish symbols are the National Song Feast (ANZ) held annually in Antwerp since the early 1930s, in which Flemish songs are mixed with modern expressions of culture.

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