Dating biologist

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One common mistake is believing that species can be arranged on an evolutionary ladder from bacteria through "lower" animals, to "higher" animals and, finally, up to man.

Mistakes permeate popular science expositions of evolutionary biology.

Evolution can occur without morphological change; and morphological change can occur without evolution.

Humans are larger now than in the recent past, a result of better diet and medicine.

Individual organisms do not evolve, they retain the same genes throughout their life.

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The theory of how the first living organisms appeared is often called evolution. And frequently, people use the word evolution when they really mean natural selection -- one of the many mechanisms of evolution.

This is a brief introduction to evolutionary biology.

I attempt to explain basics of the theory of evolution and correct many of the misconceptions.

The increase in relative abundance of the dark type was due to natural selection.

The late eighteen hundreds was the time of England's industrial revolution.

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