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Valentin Mellstrom / vocalist (Death Wolf) Raul Valentine / guitar Michael Rodriguez / drums David Miller / bass War Anthem Records is glad to announce the upcoming release of Germany´s most notorious death metal act Revel in Flesh. With “Relics of the Death Kult” you will be able to get all their on 7″EP released songs (period between 2012-2017) on one CD. Quenoy is the Picard equivalent of existing alternate French chênaie.Picard, as north of the northern Joret line, the group / ca-/ Latin has not evolved as in French quena, formerly Caisne, then Duquesne, ‘oak’ came from the Latin cassinus and may be linked to Fraxinus ‘ash’ of Gallic origin*Cassano.A major local craft firmly maintained until 1945 when a hundred shoemakers were still identifiable.Shoemakers worked at home for a local company (now Désiré Tanis) in rue du Petit Valenciennes in a kind of cottage industry.

Establishing a powerful dynamic that recalls Yob and Neurosis in its earnesty together with foreboding aural landscapes and heavy-as-mountains riffs, they create a somber pulse for the band’s vocal layers (Vocalist of Sweden’s dark metal band Death Wolf) to viciously and melodically intone ruminations on the nature of man.

It had a keynote industry in shoemaking before the late 1940s, followed by a chemical factory and dairy, giving way to its weekly market, tourism, local commuting to elsewhere such as Valenciennes and local shops. The town of Le Quesnoy has somehow missed much of the Industrial Revolution.

Unlike the neighboring towns of Valenciennes or Maubeuge, iron/steel works did not take hold.

Since their inception, NIXA has shared the stage with bands like Crowbar, High on Fire, Stephen O’Malley, and Jucifer, culling their firm stance in the sphere of heavy music, and ready to step forward.

A new album is currently being recorded at NIXA’s own studio Skybound in South Florida and is co-engineered/produced together with Kristian Karlsson (Cult of Luna, pg.lost).

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