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This isn’t surprising since a large portion of the ecosystem is based on physical appearance.An unequal wealth distribution is to be expected, but there is a more interesting question: What is the degree of this unequal wealth distribution and how does this inequality compare to other economies?This means that the Tinder economy has more inequality than 95.1% of all the world’s national economies.In addition, it was determined that a man of average attractiveness would be “liked” by approximately 0.87% (1 in 115) of women on Tinder.

Women are more likely to disagree on the attractiveness of men in the middle of the economy.As we will see, the “wealth” in the middle and bottom portion of the Tinder economy is lower than the “wealth” of the “wealthiest” (in terms of “likes”).Therefore, even if the error introduced by this flaw is significant it shouldn't greatly affect the overall trend. (Stop — Data time)As I stated previously the average female “likes” 12% of men on Tinder.This compares vary favorably with the data I collected that shows a 12% average “like” rate.Additionally, I am only accounting for the percentage of “likes” and not the actual men they “like”.

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