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The family first gained notoriety in May 1977, when Osar Arif was acquitted of the murder of a guard during a security van robbery in which pounds 103,000 was stolen.The vehicle's windscreen was shattered with a sledgehammer and the crew was blasted with a shotgun.These are the Glasgow drug gangs, the Newcastle protection racketeers, the north London forgers, and the south London crack dealers.However, there is evidence that these small zones of influence are beginning to merge and grow.Britain does not have a "Mr Big", or single national organisation that controls the distribution of drugs, with gang members in every city and an interest in every major scam.But we do have an increasingly violent and sophisticated number of organised outfits.In Scotland in the past six months rival drug factions fighting for their share of a business worth pounds 10m a year have carried out a number of killings and attacks in the Paisley area of Glasgow.In March, John Kelly was shot in the face in a crowded bar in Paisley.

A Chinese restaurant-owner in Glasgow struggles to open the door of his Mercedes, the lock of which has been deliberately jammed with matchsticks.

The killing is believed to have been carried out by a rival gang.

In the North-west and North-east of England, the distribution of drugs is often controlled through bouncers who operate in pubs and clubs.

Suddenly, he is hacked down with four blows from a meat cleaver.

The leader of a group of black gangsters dies in a hail of bullets fired by three rivals as he attempts to leave a London drugs den. Gone are days of the working-class mobsters, ruling with a razor blade and an iron fist.

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