Dating a man who lives with his parents

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I'm guessing it's mostly cultural, since my family is not terribly assimilated in the US, but it's just not weird in my mind for people to live with their parents AND have successful careers/relationships into their early adult lives.

Especially in New York, which is so ungodly pricy that Rumplestiltskin would have forgone the princess's firstborn kid in favor of her rent-controlled 2-bedroom.His wife is miserable, he became an alcoholic to cope with the crumbling marriage and he's the butt of a lot of jokes in our family.It sounds like you have had time to be independent and develop and grow, so I don't think it would be an issue if you wanted to I guess that's my issue, that people who live at home get painted with a broad brush as socially incompetent babies.I think as long as you make huge efforts to do your own laundry, buy groceries, cook for your parents, and clean the house and do chores while you're living at home it should be fine.Relying on your parents to take care of you over 30 is what gets you painted as a baby.

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