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meter for 1 second, then 0 W/m2 for one second, over and over. That rapidly flickering energy source would be too fast for the temperature to come into equilibrium with the absorbed sunlight (or lack of sunlight).

It would, in effect, be like a continuous energy source of 500 W/m2 in intensity, and the resulting S-B temperature (assuming a thermal radiative emissivity of 1.0) would be about 307 Kelvin, taken from the curve in Fig. Now imagine the energy source stays on for a very long time, say 10,000 days, then stays off for 10,000 days (a 20,000 day diurnal cycle…the Moon has a 29.5 day diurnal cycle). 1 we see that during the daytime the temperature would approach 365 Kelvin, and at night it would approach 0 Kelvin.

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In this case the average temperature would be about 182 Kelvin…

The only difference in the two imaginary cases is the length of the day/night cycle.

Basically, , simply because of the non-linearity of the S-B equation.

I suspect the effect does not exist if the surface being heated has zero heat capacity, since the temperature of the surface will instantly come into equilibrium with the absorbed sunlight; in that case the length of day would not matter.

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