Cvsweb not updating

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This release includes NAT IPv6 support, the new nfct_labels_get_path() interface, zones both for original and reply tuples and clang build fixes.The Netfilter Core Team has released conntrack-tools-1.2.0.I also had the Apache web server installed and functioning prior to installing CVSweb which is an important thing to note since cvsweb won't function without a properly installed and configered web server as it does not include one of its own.A see also section can be used to point users towards other trusted Ubuntu resources.This release includes fixes, improvements; and new features like the new statistics options, multi-dedicated link support and polling (or batch-based) support for conntrackd; and the `-C' option for the command line interface to display the number of entries in the state and expectation tables. The Netfilter Core Team has released ulogd 2.0.0beta2.This is another development release of ulogd2, the re-incarnation of ulogd2 that includes flow and packet accounting capabilities.

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The Netfilter Core Team has released conntrack-tools-1.4.4.

Hi all, I configured on my Ubuntu the rancid tool, everything is working properly but i cant see the repositories via web.

I tried configuring View VC and CVSweb, following some tutorials but unfortunatly it was not possible.

CVSweb-PHP offers a web interface access to a CVS repository.

CVSweb-PHP was created for cases where a project still using CVS has no means of installing a CGI script on its web server, but where running a PHP script is an option.

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