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I stood there for a moment watching when he turned and said, "Place the water on the end table," and then ordered me to sit in chair by the couch.

Being given instructions was different for me; most men tried to ignore me because they are nervous.

My heart was racing because I did not expect this turn of events.

The door suddenly opened and she walked into the room smiling while looking back at him. Dianna handed me her purse and I helped her get her coat off, then she nonchalantly introduced Richard as she smiled back at him. I went and got a bottle of water from the fridge and headed back to living room.

He wasn't nervous at all; he was very much in control and I could tell she was enjoying it.

I thought to myself they really must have gotten to know each other at the bar.

Richard was a Black Dom that Dianna had been chatting with for some time on the Internet.

She had always been hesitant about Doms because she didn't want to be Dominated by anyone.

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