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My name is Mark Aldridge and I believe I am South Australias best independent candidate for Ramsay.

Our basic common law rights to innocent until proven guilty, the right to remain silent, the right to face ones accuser, trial by jury and even equity are constantly being removed by Parliament, which is unacceptable, I have and will continue to be a loud voice for the reforms needed to restore justice.

I am also concerned at the lack of punishment for those found guilty of child abuse at any level, the need to improve mandatory reporting and the introduction of schemes like the "Safe Schools program" which overrides parental rights and genuine safe guards for vulnerable young aged children.

Justice is rarely seen or heard under the current judicial system, those that can defend their innocence and succeed are usually still left out of pocket in one way or another, while the majority simply cannot afford to even defend pleas of innocence.

I am best suited to achieve this, as I am well known for never backing down, and my resourcefulness at bringing change.

I have always been available day and night for those in need, during disasters I am on the ground and taking action before our government even debate what to do.

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