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This recent news headline shows just how important it is to label food and non-food items in your kitchen.Any food that is not in its original packaging must be labeled.If the TCS food is not used within seven days it must be discarded. Example: If a product was made on October 15, the use-by date would be October 21.Remember to also label foods that are not being monitored for temperature control.In addition to labeling, dating items requires special attention.All foods that require time and temperature control (TCS) should be labeled with the following: The TCS food can be kept for seven days if it is stored at 41°F or lower.

These dates have very little to do with whether the food is safe to consume. 446.044 Adoption by reference of Uniform Plumbing Code. 446.042 Exemption from requirements; revocation of exemption. 446.052 Person in charge: Demonstration of knowledge. 446.054 Person in charge: Duties regarding conditional employees. HYGIENE 446.061 Handwashing required by food employees. MANAGEMENT AND PERSONNEL 446.051 Person in charge: Generally. 446.058 Restriction on employment of or contracting with person to provide medical nutrition therapy or nutrition services.

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